Barbie has a tattoo? Really?

There is a new limited edition Barbie doll on the market and she has pink hair and tattoos across her shoulders and neck. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m a fan of self-expression. My best friend thorough high school loved changing her hair color. She did it so often it became a joke during slide shows – how many hair colors could you count. I’m also a fan of tattoos (on other people). While I don’t have any, I understand the desire to have art on your body – especially when it has personal meaning for you.

But Barbie? When I think of Barbie, one work I think of is pristine. She has always had the same look and feel. Mattel has worked hard at keeping her on brand (so to say). So I find this fascinating. Mattel has allowed Barbie to change her brand. To change how parents see her and to add to her diversity.

I’ve never talked with my kids about tattoos and hair dye, but someday the conversation will come up. I’m not sure I’ll pull out a tatted up Barbie doll to focus the conversation, but hey – at least it is an option.

I know some parents are excited by this new version of Barbie, but I’ve never considered this inanimate object to be a role model for my kids.  While I prefer that my girls stay away from the ink I don’t view tattoos negatively – I simply don’t have a desire for one.

What about you?  Are you offended?  If they were widely available would pick one up for your child?

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