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Business Name: Bala Cynwyd School for Young Children

Categories: Pre-School

Address: 11 Saint Asaphs Road

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City: Bala Cynwyd

State: PA

Zip: 19004

We are close in practice to a Traditional American Nursery School that focuses on socialization, creativity, and learning through play, but with the cogiitive orientation that has come to be seen as important over the last four decades.We believe in a balance between the two major philosophies. Learning is a complex process that results from the interaction of children’s own thinking and their experiences in the external world.We believe strongly in concrete “hands-on” experiences that give children the opportunity to play, to do, and to discover mathematical and scientific concepts in addition to many other kinds of learning.

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16 thoughts on “Business Profile

  1. Michelle Eisenberg

    I held my son’s third birthday party at The Center on Central – it was great! The facilitator did a nice job with a music and movement class and the kids had fun with drums, rhythm instruments and scarves.

  2. Michelle Eisenberg

    Chestnut Hill parking can be tough and this rating is based on my experience there before they added lots of classes, expanded menu, etc. so I really have no basis for rating “staff.”

  3. Michelle Eisenberg

    The facility is first-rate and the staff are generally enthusiastic, but the program is a little light and there is not a lot of one-on-one reinforcement of technique in the preschool program.

  4. admin Post author

    We attended a great birthday party here for a 5 yo girl. The party was taught by one of the owners – it was fun for all the kids. Think hula hoops, yoga mats and 5 year olds doing tree pose!

  5. Michele Weller

    I really love this place. They are all very supportive in your quest for a med-free vaginal delivery. Their classes are informative (welcome course, breastfeeding and child birth classes).

  6. admin Post author

    I delivered both of my daughters here. They had high quality services but the hospital seemed bureaucratic with a very specific way of doing things – which is understandable – but to a first time Mom can be overwhelming. The hospital has a mix of private and double rooms – so you may be sharing a room after delivery unless you pay for the “upgrade” to a private room. The nursing staff was great. The doctors are top notch.

  7. admin Post author

    We love this sale. They have a great setting – large enough that people aren’t bumping into people. The clothing is high quality and they check out process is easy!

  8. admin Post author

    Dr. McKee and his team are amazing. They coaxed our 3yo into the chair without issues. Our 5yo loved her new dentist and is asking to go back. They were thoughtful about the necessity of x-rays and had amazing “chair-side” manner! We highly recommend Dr. McKee and his team!

  9. Jamie Bedford

    This center is beautiful and has the potential to be wonderful. However, with many changes in management, in return, changes in policy, procedures, and staffing-the center went from a very child-centered approach to a corporate model. It is such a shame because my child loved it there and with the various changes, lack of follow-through with transition planning, and frequent shuffling around of classroom teachers, it has become somewhat unpredictable.
    New management contacted us about billing (which has been a mess since day one). For those who have flex spending accounts through employers would know, billing has to be done at the same time every month and this was not occurring. The new administrator I spoke with had a very harsh tone and made me feel very uncomfortable. Also keeping in mind, when contact was made by phone she reassured me that everything was fine with my child and she was in her classroom, when really my daughter was home sick with me that day!
    We just want our daughter to be happy and in a consistent program where management can communicate effectively with their own staff, parents, and mostly-the children. Unfortunately with this “corporate takeover,” there seems to be a lot of holes in what they are doing. We will “stick it out” for a little bit for my daughter’s sake because she does like the program and her teachers(as long as they stay consistent), however from a parental standpoint, we are far from thrilled.


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